Residential Paint Stripping

We’re committed to safely restoring your residential property in the shortest amount of time, for the most cost-effective price, while ensuring a flawless finish.

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Paint Stripping Auckland's team knows how to conduct a safe process and create an attractive result. Any surface can be stripped, such as metal, wood, brick, stone or plaster and it takes an expert to do it right.

Eco-friendly, safe, water-based paint stripping for residential properties.

We offer a complete paint stripping service to bring your property back to life. It’s like getting a facelift for your house. Sometimes all it takes is a paint strip and refinish to breathe life back into your home. We strip both metal and timbers and offer refinishing for both.

Our team removed various types of paints, lead, oil, water based, bitumen paint over the years from many various surfaces, most with heritage value, so we understand when removing paint with the aid of high pressure water can be damaging without the right application of paint stripper and understanding of the substrate in general.

Any Surfaces

Paint stripping is an important process in painting and restoration of a building with various surfaces requiring different paint stripping techniques.

Safe Approach

When paint stripping a home building we make sure that it is treated with the utmost care to ensure that we do not damage the home or structure.

Variety of Treatments

Given there is numerous types of paint removal treatments that can be applied, you will be impressed with the knowledge of our professional paint removal specialists.

Heritage and Older Buildings

We have experience working on Auckalnd heritage listed homes as well as older buildings with multiple layers of old paint that need removing.